The London Silver Vaults, an underground vault containing over 30 silver dealers under one roof, dates back to 1882. It was originally the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit and was used by silver dealers and jewellers from nearby Hatton Garden to store their goods overnight. Gradually jewellers and silver traders began to sell goods to the public from
these premises, and the London Silver Vaults came into existence. During the second world war the building above the vaults was destroyed by bombing and from the debris, the current building emerged in 1953.
Now a fully air conditioned underground vault containing over 30 silver dealers, the London Silver Vaults offers an unrivalled selection of fine silverware. A wide range of styles are on offer, including silverware from Britain and abroad. Items include jewellery, cutlery, tea-sets, Objets D'Art and many more. With prices ranging from £5 to over £500 000 there is something to suit everyone's tastes and budget. For further information about the London Silver Vaults, visit the London Silver Vaults web site.

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